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New Fellowships Awarded

The Trust's Awards Assessment Panel convenes quarterly, and in its latest round, awarded 5 new Daphne Jackson Fellowships. Read on to find out how a Daphne Jackson Fellowship will be helping 5 more STEM professionals successfully return to their careers.

Five new Daphne Jackson Fellows will join the ranks in the coming months thanks to sponsorship from the BBSRC, EPSRC, and the Universities of Newcastle, Northumbria, Edinburgh, Exeter and Sheffield. The new Daphne Jackson Fellows will begin their Fellowships in the next three months and will benefit not only from the support of their supervisors and host universities, but also from mentoring and training from Daphne Jackson Trust staff and training courses. Look out for our new Fellows in your host institution - you may see them sporting the new Daphne Jackson Trust lapel badge!

To find out which universities are currently hosting and sponsoring Daphne Jackson Fellows, and to which areas of research our Fellows are returning, download a copy of our 2013 Annual Review.