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Daphne Jackson Trust shortlisted for WISE Leadership Award

We are delighted to announce that the Daphne Jackson Trust has been shortlisted for the WISE Leadership award 2014.  

The award goes to an organisation that has made a difference to the participation of girls and/or women in STEM to improve diversity and inclusion within their sector. The winner will be announced at an Awards ceremony in central London on 13th November 2014.

Nominations were invited from STEM organisations, professional bodies, sector skills councils, trade unions, companies or educational institutions that could demonstrate  they have used their influence to drive change.

On hearing news of the shortlisting, Dr Katie Perry, Chief Executive of the Trust said 'I would like to thank the staff team here at the Daphne Jackson Trust who work so hard to ensure that we really do make a difference.  It is great to be shortlisted, and we look forward to hearing the final outcome at the Awards Dinner on 13 November 2014.

Many women who decide to have children find that carefully planned maternity leave can turn in to an extended career break, because of the prohibitive cost of childcare, a partners relocation or the incompatability of a full-time career with the needs of a family. The Daphne Jackson Trust supports women (and men) who wish to return to their scientific career after a break for family, caring or health reasons, by offering flexible retraining fellowships that provide an unparalleled level of mentoring and support and give individuals the updated skills and confidence they need to successfully return.

The impact of the Trust's work cannot be underestimated. Since it was founded in 1992 it has helped over 250 women return to science and engineering, with many going on to secure permanent academic positions, and four, to date, reaching professorial level.

Our  Patron Dr Maggie Philbin said, 'I very much hope you win as a lot of focus is given to encouraging women to consider STEM careers, but not enough to encourage those who really want to work in the sector to return to the workplace. '


The full shortlist can viewed at http://www.wisecampaign.org.uk/about-us/wise-awards/2014-wise-awards