Daphne Jackson Fellowships help return scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians to their careers after a break of 2 or more years.

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Returning to research to improve patient safety

Over 33 million prescriptions for beta-blockers are dispensed each year to successfully treat angina, heart failure and high blood pressure, but for people who also have asthma, beta-blockers can worsen the symptoms. GPs are careful to consider a patients' history before prescribing the drugs, but to improve patient safety, additional checks may be needed.....

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New research from Daphne Jackson Fellow offers hope to young people with autism

A study carried out by Dr Morag Maskey, a Daphne Jackson Fellow at Newcastle University, published yesterday in PLoS One, shows that children with autism who experience anxiety and phobias can be helped to overcome them using a virtual reality environment called the Blue Room, and cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT).

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What we do

The Daphne Jackson Trust aims to return researchers to their careers with confidence, and

  • helps retain a talented STEM workforce by offering flexible fellowships with mentoring and training to allow women and men to return to research after a career break of 2 or more years
  • supports equality and diversity in the research workforce
  • develops partnerships that extend the reach and increase the impact of flexible working opportunities for STEM researchers